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Medical advancements have led to higher survival rates leading people to live much longer and in most cases, able to move around better than they were in the past. Yet people with disabilities are often hesitant to explore new places and attend events because they are not confident they will be able to access the venue on their terms. This is evidenced by four-fifths of wheelchair users report that their local public transportation system is difficult to use or to get to because they are unaware of routes they should be using to get around.


We will provide individualized routes based on the user’s needs, as well as adapt the application to the user themselves. We will offer options for voice control, increased text size, and a minimalized interface that is extremely simple to use no matter the disability or limitations of the user.


 knowledge on accessible travel in any event space, thus giving our users the freedom and flexibility to enjoy each and every outing on their terms. We plan to do this by giving users with disabilities, or any sort of accessibility impairment, information on custom accessible routes based on their impediment within any large venue.


 Seattle University’s 2016 Business Plan Competition. More recently, the company was awarded a National Science Foundation I-Corps grant. The company’s biggest achievement to date has been reaching an agreement with the Showare Center, home of the Seattle Thunderbirds, to map out its facilities.

HandiMaps will begin conducting its first field tests at the Showare Center in the immidate future, stay tuned for updates!


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